Sunday, December 1, 2013

Outcast - It is alive and ready to read!

So today is a day where dreams come true.  All my life I have wanted to be an artist.  When I was 16, I was so advanced in my English classes as far as creativity went, that my English teacher had a writer coming in twice a week to give me private coaching. I loved it.

However, fear is a powerful thing.  I have feared rejection and so I have published some poetry.  I have dabbled in ghost writing.  It wasn't until I met Rebecca and Alex Hunt that I got the courage to put my mother's story out.  After that, I had mentioned my novel half done sitting in my computer.  Alex began to push me.  He pushed and pushed and at times I remember cursing his persistent.  Then he took on the role of editor and ripped it all apart and pushed me to put it back together again.  After all the hours of bemoaning how much I hate editing, the baby was born today.

We finally settled on the first cover though I loved the second one that Heather did as well.  Heather has done her own set of cursing as the file size allowed versus the quality was a dance that was difficult at best.   Heather is a very accomplished artist and each time she creates, I see her grow.  I am so proud to have her as my illustrator.   Right now the book is being added to Amazon Prime, Amazon and Kindle select.  However, for those who have been waiting, it is available now directly from my publisher.

Thank you for all of those that gave me pre-release feedback.  Thank you to my family who has put up with many hours in front of my lap top.  Thank you to Heather for your artwork.  Thank you to Alex who is a wonderful but pushy editor.  Yes, yes, I know.  That is how he was supposed to be!  

For your reading pleasure, I give you:  The Dragon's Geas: Outcast.