Friday, December 6, 2013

Hamaseic - God of Water

Hamaseic is the God of all things water.  Fishermen and seamen often have emblems of Hamaseic on the prow of their boats.  Even the great masted ships of the Lerdenian fleet have the emblem boldly imprinted with shimmering emblems.  Seen as in control of both the elements of water and storms, Hamaseic is most often followed along the coast villages and cities.

As varied as the bodies of water he rules, Hamaseic's blue dragons come in varying shades with simple commonalities.  They can remain under water for long periods of time and are for more graceful in the water than the air or on land.  Their bodies are more rotund making a buoyant mass upon the bottom of the sea waiting for large fish to swim above them.  Their eyesight is particularly good whether under water or hovering above their prey.  They easily can narrow in on their target and often are the first to notice movement.  Their breath weapon is steam, often preferring to cook their fish in their own breath before they eat it. These dragons are often curious and get into the most trouble as fledglings for they question and explore everything.

Followers of Hamaseic are often innately curious.  They adapt to change easily and are very fluid.  They are people of great compassion and will work hard to repair and restore.  While they can function within structured and ruled environments, they will not hesitate to change the rules or challenge the consensus if they feel it for the greater good of all.