Friday, December 13, 2013

Rian the Stoneheart - The Next of the Gods of Vesta.

Rian is the god of all things mineral.  He is often paid tribute by miners and blacksmiths as his blessings bring great finds and strong tools.  Almost all recognize the power of Rian in some capacity given that the land they live upon is his domain.  Without his cooperation, the Goddess of Nature, could not function.  It was a natural melding of domains when the two, Rian and Reistare joined forces.  If both were to turn upon a farmer, there would be no redemption for his craft.  

Rian was not to be outdone by his godly kin and formed his own set of dragons to represent him in the mortal world.  Grand beasts with bright bronze scales took to the skies.  They are hard creatures and often isolated.  It is rare to see two together except during mating. They breathe out a mixture of hot sand and pebble as their breath weapon, scouring the prey before them.  A large dragon has been known to have abraded his prey to the point of no fur remaining.

Those that serve Rian are often quiet managers of resources and people.  They are very sensitive to the environment and do their best to insure balance and cooperation, much as Rian works with Reistare.    People who serve the land often are highly empathetic.  They are often hyper-aware of the emotional currents around them.  

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