Thursday, December 5, 2013

Seen as the evil seductress, Dethera is the Goddess of Death.  She governs the night and all the creatures that  move solely through its murky depths.  She is often blamed for plagues and lingering illnesses.  She is said to have lured men to their deaths within the bogs and the deep places. Her beauty is contrasting with a pale face and raven black hair.    She is often related or connected to things hidden, secretive and unknown, and as a result, she is the epitome of mystery

Dethera is said to have created the black dragons in contrast to Krona's vivacious red dragons.  Their wing span is shorter and thinner giving them the ability to bank with greater agility.  Their bodies have a more lithe form, and often on a moonless nigh,t one cannot even see them in flight.  Her glorious swarm of deadly children bring weapons of acid to the battle. Like their goddess, prestige and power is important to them and so there is often infighting for the flight leader.

Followers of Dethera are often seen as cold and without true emotions.  They are highly skilled in manipulations and therefore are often used by opposing parties for negotiations.  Long standing followers of Dethera often show great self-control and discipline.  They are often independent with a strong will. Due to the seeking of power, they are often found in leadership positions.