Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Life After a Series

Anyone following my blog, well they know my story.   They know about the July 2014 diagnosis of cancer, the fire that ripped through our hobby farm and the many surgeries.  All happening as I wrote the Blue Dragon's Geas Series.  I had to have a lot of push and support to get the last book out.  After the last period was placed and then the mis-release on Amazon were all resolved.  I just walked away from my computer.  The relief to finish the story before cancer finished me was a huge weight off my shoulders.

I moved to Minnesota to attend the Mayo clinic.  My health has been on a constant return to somewhat of a normal day to day that is manageable. I live with great friends who have made me part of the family.  I have learned to live in a new place with a new cultural approach to life.

Then it happened.  The story started to nag at me.   Where did Jon come from? What happened to Nightmare?  What about the baby?  Did anyone else know about Levielle's magic?  What about all the other Gods?  Why were they so absent?

Poke. Poke. Poke. Poke.

Guess what?  I have picked up my pen.  Jon's story needs told.  A lot of these questions need answers.  I can't leave it alone.  Death's Door is now in progress.  I should have it finished in two months to begin the editing process.  That is why I am reaching out to my readers.  What questions did the series leave you with?  I don't promise to answer them all in this book.  (Maybe future ones)  I will try to answer as many as fits the story-line I am writing.

So while I have been fairly silent over the last year.  I am here to say today, "I AM BACK!"

I  can't wait to hear from all of you.

Best wishes
Cheryl Matthynssens
Creator of the world of Vesta

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Elder Dragon Wisdom

The dragon waking by ROCKSTAR93220
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Your finest hour, the fulfillment of all you hold dear, will be that moment on the field of battle when you have worked and fought your heart out and lay in exhausted triumph.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Elder Dragon Wisdom

Cavern of Fear by Soulsplosion

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Do not run from truth.  Do not deny truth.  For it is the truth we run from that is most likely to  become our reality. Fear breathes life into falsehoods while courage can often mitigate truth's true impact.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Alador's Journal

It is day six of the siege of Laleport.  It is a four tiered city with a rich trading system with coastal villages.  Most fish, bone and the region's own sirroot, a bland starch for cooking, comes through this city.  They refuse to open their gates to my retinue.  They have sent messages that they will not be ruled by an unclean bastard despite his claim to the blood of many High Ministers.  

I am frustrated.  I know people are dying within.  The dragons have been making strafing runs almost hourly, though without pattern.  The city is burning in areas that have combustible components.  The Council tier has been reduced to rubble and still the gate has not been opened.  The third tier bridge link has been dropped, though my own stone mages have seen to  solidification of the structure.

Henrick offered to take the dragons in and open the gates himself, but I have forbid it.  The city must come to its knees on its own terms.  As the days pass, however, I am beginning to reconsider.  If the sight of dragons working with my army has not moved them to compliance, it seems that little will.

Stone mages created lines of earthen trenches and ramparts to provide protection for the army and to help secure lines into the city.  It doesn't stop the mages from bringing in supplies by magical means.  They likely have support from other tiered cities also refusing to bow to my authority.  

What good is being King if you must force others to kneel at your feet?  I know innocent people have to be injured or starving.  If the trench opens, I will attempt to work with Laleport's Trench Lord.  So far, even he is holding fast.

It is decided then, as I write.  I will allow Henrick to enter with the dragons and open the gates.  Obviously, the city warehouses and mages are working successfully to prolong this siege.  I cannot afford each city to take this long.