Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Travis Hite - Reader's Challenge

The greatest alchemist in all the lands
A room that does not exist
A game of chess
A poisoned tea set

Oberan moved through his lab as if there were a clear path. To any other guest, the room looked almost impassible. There were tables with burners, beakers, tubing and other necessary items for alchemy. The far wall held the components he needed. He had done so much work for others until a month ago. The young mage eyed the wall of components then referenced his list. A month ago, Oberan had found reference to the possibility of opening a portal to a room no other could enter. He wanted to access this room for his research documents, unique potions and dangerous elements. It would add to his already overfilled labatory and let him protect his most valuable finds and property. Despite a mage by birth, alchemy was his great love.

He had been making extracts all week. You could not make extracts too far in advance as their properties faded over time. Some lasted only a week or two. The last extract he needed to make was from cat eyes. Oberan scoured the shelves. He had harvested all the parts of a cat about two month's ago. The problem was there were a number of elements starting with C was rather extensive. Finally, he found the jar with the two cat's eyes. He moved back to his current work station, side stepping boxes and tables as he went.

The Pixie Test

Gary Jones- Reader's Challenge:
Young Female Pixie,
A rundown hotel,
Homeless looking for somewhere to live,
Little brother

"Isabelle, it is time."  Belcher said, opening the door to the great pixie hall.  All the elders had turned out to observe the test and as she fluttered in, the room became silent.

Isabelle flew nervously to the center of the ring.  Her last two final tests had been in the same room, but there had been few eyes to witness her failures.  There were young lords and some of the oldest pixie families in the seats. She looked about for her mother and was pleased to see that she was there.  It gave Isabelle a sense of calm and she built on this to become centered.

The aged elder fluttered erratically to the small pedestal that was suspended by magic up above the many gathered.  Isabelle's heart jumped when she looked upon the royal box.  The Queen and her entourage filled the box far above the others.

"Let the final test of magic begin for Isabelle of clan Mistywing."  The crowd fluttered the wings and the hall became a buzz.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Where To Go From Here?

Curious about the picture? Check out the new short story book linked below. 
Hello to my fans and fellow authors!

I thought I would post an update and a poll.

I have moved to Minneapolis to attend the Mayo clinic.  The cancer just won't let go.  Currently, it is only effecting my mobility, well that is the chemo but it is related.  I haven't been writing the last two months as I settle into a new home and environment. I will be attending the clinic in Rochester, MN.

I have been asked why I am staying so far away from Rochester?  Two reasons, first I am living with friends that offered to be my caregiver on chemo days.  The second, I wanted to experience big city living.

Monday, July 10, 2017

A Dragonologist's Journal

Dragonologist: June 14, 2014 (First publication of this dragonologist's search for a live dragon and the revealing of the red dragon, Keensight.)

I did not see a dragon at all today even though I am in an area where there was a reported sighting.  I did find some burn marks that might indicate this is a hunting area of a dragon with a breath of flame. However, I am unable to verify at this time.  This area is rife with mosquitoes and other irritating pests.  While this would not deter a dragon, I am finding myself quite uncomfortable and smelling of a great deal of bug spray.  Fortunately I thought to pack my mosquito net and will be able to sleep without such irritations.

Dragonologist:  June 16, 2014

I have entered more dangerous terrain. There is more evidence of flaming here even among the rocks. I think I am getting close and will proceed with caution.  A soot test revealed that some of the marks were as recent as within the month.