Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Elder Dragon Wisdom

The dragon waking by ROCKSTAR93220
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Your finest hour, the fulfillment of all you hold dear, will be that moment on the field of battle when you have worked and fought your heart out and lay in exhausted triumph.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Elder Dragon Wisdom

Cavern of Fear by Soulsplosion

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Do not run from truth.  Do not deny truth.  For it is the truth we run from that is most likely to  become our reality. Fear breathes life into falsehoods while courage can often mitigate truth's true impact.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Alador's Journal

It is day six of the siege of Laleport.  It is a four tiered city with a rich trading system with coastal villages.  Most fish, bone and the region's own sirroot, a bland starch for cooking, comes through this city.  They refuse to open their gates to my retinue.  They have sent messages that they will not be ruled by an unclean bastard despite his claim to the blood of many High Ministers.  

I am frustrated.  I know people are dying within.  The dragons have been making strafing runs almost hourly, though without pattern.  The city is burning in areas that have combustible components.  The Council tier has been reduced to rubble and still the gate has not been opened.  The third tier bridge link has been dropped, though my own stone mages have seen to  solidification of the structure.

Henrick offered to take the dragons in and open the gates himself, but I have forbid it.  The city must come to its knees on its own terms.  As the days pass, however, I am beginning to reconsider.  If the sight of dragons working with my army has not moved them to compliance, it seems that little will.

Stone mages created lines of earthen trenches and ramparts to provide protection for the army and to help secure lines into the city.  It doesn't stop the mages from bringing in supplies by magical means.  They likely have support from other tiered cities also refusing to bow to my authority.  

What good is being King if you must force others to kneel at your feet?  I know innocent people have to be injured or starving.  If the trench opens, I will attempt to work with Laleport's Trench Lord.  So far, even he is holding fast.

It is decided then, as I write.  I will allow Henrick to enter with the dragons and open the gates.  Obviously, the city warehouses and mages are working successfully to prolong this siege.  I cannot afford each city to take this long.  

Friday, February 9, 2018

Alador's Journal

I am not sure about writing this journal, but Nemara assures me that all Kings should have a proper reflection of their thoughts as a liege.  I have searched diligently but have been unable to find one written by Luthian's hand.  

I had planned to see Luthian's manor torn down, but I am being pressured to keep it or put a palace in its place.  I do not wish some cold drafty palace built just to prove I am King.  If I am to be a King, I will be known for who I am and not what I display.  Therefore, I will see to keeping Luthian's Manor.  It is in need of a great deal of repair.  Between damages from the battle and the fight that we had in his office, it is not in a state I want Latiera to reside within.

Henrick informed me today that Amaum has finally awaken. He had fallen during the battle.  I was distressed to hear of Pruatra's fall and now I find out that he is blind in one eye.  I cannot help but wonder if my presence in his family's life has not brought about its downfall.  If my thoughts wander to such things, how can his not?  He must blame me for all he has lost.  I asked Henrick of the matter, but he dismissed me with humor.  I think he lied.  I have learned that Henrick uses humor to fall behind when he cannot create a handy lie.

I cannot afford Amaum to be an enemy.  I will go to see him as soon as I can learn his location or barring that, arrange a meeting through Henrick.  I must know the state of these affairs.  

The people remain uneasy at the now frequent appearance of dragons in the sky.  Due to bloodmining, dragons had become infrequent sights in the Grand Isle's skies unless it was at a great distance.  Now, it is not uncommon to see one circling the city lazily.  To be honest, it is like the dang things are appearing simply to take a closer look at the city rather than it being in their flight path.  I begin to wonder if they might now also just enjoy stirring up the city. 

Levielle and I have began taking an assessment of what cities are refusing to submit to my authority as King or even as High Minister.  After the coronation, we will begin the campaign to bring the rest of the isle under one single rule.  If I leave these rogue cities, I cannot be assured that bloodmining will not continue under the legal protection of the nearest Minister. 

On another note, my mother has been quite humorous.  Radney actually sought me out to beg that I remove her from the kitchen before the manor staff quit.  I found the whole situation quite amusing.  I refused, of course, for my mother is happiest in a kitchen.  He is just going to have to figure out how to work around her.  He hasn't mentioned it again and food continues to be served to the table so some truce must have been reached.