Tuesday, June 28, 2016

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Outcast is Free - June 25, 2016

The Quality of Mercy

Myrddin's Heir: The Quality of MercyMyrddin's Heir: The Quality of Mercy by Robin Chambers
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As a writer, you are encouraged to read. This series is one of three that I have been reading as I write. Mr. Chambers has a unique style that incorporates literature and history; so well embedded into the story that it does not detract but only adds to the tale. By reviewing the glossary when I hit a work or historical point with which I was unfamiliar, I found myself only further drawn into the world of Grace and Gordon. I must say I learned a thing or two.

However, it is the story for which a review is written. I found myself entranced by the insight and belief systems of the core characters. If we could raise more of our children with this strong of a belief system our world would be a much better place. I have been following the protagonist since he was a baby. Mr. Chambers weaves a magical tale of growing up in the real world with the fae and mystical. I loved the development and the interaction of the four friends. This is a tale that will entrance children of all ages, even those of us that our children at heart.

The only constructive point I have to make is that the protagonists seem to triumph just a little too easily for their age. I totally understand the concept that they are graced, but I would have liked to see it be a little harder. Hopefully this will be the case as they continue to grow up.

I wish more people would understand that sometimes the most merciful thing you can do is to allow someone to reap what they have sown.The Quality of Mercy

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Friday, June 24, 2016

Update on the Final Book!

A title has been chosen for the final book in The Blue Dragon's Geas. The final book will be called Fallen Tiers. I am looking forward to tying up loose ends from Sordith's Wedding to Luthian's suspicions. Here is a small excerpt from Jon's thread.

Jon looked up on hearing the soft footsteps. He had known she was coming. Nightmare had bristled first at sounds that Jon could not hear. It had given him time to prepare himself for what he must do next. He would take no pleasure in it and yet he knew it was the only way he could accomplish his own ends.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Blue Dragon's Geas First Fan Fiction

Andrew Murray
Sordith's Shipment
Fan Fiction - Pre-Outcast time frame

Sordith sighed to himself as the wagon rumbled down the wide cobbled road. The slow pace of the large korpen provided little breeze to help on such a warm day. The sun set high in the sky burning down on the green plains that surrounded him. As Sordith looked into the distance he could see the peaks of the mountains that surrounded Silverport. His home and where he and the small crew of men who accompanied him, with the large covered wagon, were destined. He looked around taking in his surroundings before looking to the wagon driver.

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Author Update! June 2016


Hi Readers!

 I got really good news yesterday.  The chemotherapy has been so effective that the liver tumors have disappeared off of the Pet Scan. I might get to stop chemo for awhile just to see if they are really dead.  They want to go in and remove dead areas, but it would just be small clean up of residual lesions.  I also am done moving to where my oncologist lives.

The books continue to plod along.  Reviews are always welcome as I use them to promote.  I also have a publicist now.  Russ Matthynssens will be seeing to all public events, book signings and fairs. I am now well enough to schedule talking or signing appearances.  If you are interested in me coming to your area and you have a small coffee shop or bookstore that welcomes authors, you can give him a call.  509-470-8267 to reach him.  Please know that this number is for publicizing only.  He will not purchase products and services.  (peers at all the home business advertisers).   I have been having a great time the last two weeks.   I went to Georgia and Utah.