Sunday, May 1, 2016

Fowl Play - Live Write

It was a dusty day as Sheriff McCullen drove out to the Day’s Eggs Ranch.  The sun beat down creating shimmering waves of heat radiating off the road.  The combination created a baking haze.  He leaned over and turned up the air conditioner.   The drive out to John Hammond’s chicken farm would have been relaxing had he not received word that John had been found dead.
John had been speaking out a great deal as of late against the Poultry Pride processing plant.  Their recent practices of shutting out farmers that did not cave to their business demands had been a bone of contention in the area.  McCullen had heard farmers complain of undercutting of weights, delivery of spoiled feed and even demands on housing specifications that had made making a profit almost impossible for the local farms.  The Sheriff understood their concerns but so far, Poultry Pride had done everything within the bounds of the law.

Wisdom of the Elder Dragons

Feuriah's Risk by DragonCid on DeviantArt

Hold up now, if you don't consider that failure is a possibility you are either foolish
or the task is not worthy of your time.  No piece of treasure, goal or dream is worth pursuing if
there is no risk.  Risk, ah yes, risk is what makes such things priceless when you achieve them.