Wednesday, December 9, 2015

An Excerpt From the Soon to be Released Novel - Pseudo-Dragon

This is an excerpt from Pseudo-Dragon.  The book is scheduled for release on February 1st.  It is up for pre-sale now so that those who have read the first three books can have it first.

You can pre-purchase the soon to be released kindle version here:

Cover Art by Heather Scoggins

Excerpt from Chapter 18
For his part, Alador had been surprised at the extent of power which he had felt at his command.  It had felt like he had stood on the very shores of the ocean itself.  In a lesson earlier today, he had learned that many lesser skilled water mages made their living on the sea by protecting shipments from the weather, sea creatures and pirates.  It put them in their element with more power at their command; for the ocean was a force unto itself, and gave off far more power than a mere pool or stream.

Alador had realized at that moment that not only did he have access to the ocean’s unlimited depths, but for a moment the very currents of it had flowed in his veins.  It left him with a longing to slip beneath the waves as Renamaum had done and just move through its murky, cold depths.  He shivered as he set the mug carefully down upon the table.  A frost had built up on the mug, and it stuck to his hand for a second.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Perfect Wife!

The Perfect Wife!

submitted by Christopher Sauer

A troll with overly long fingers and toes
Enchanted crystal forest
Troll in love with a fairy princess
Cursed, mystical, glowing, purple crystal talisman

screen shot from World of Warcraft Game!

I saw the princess for the first time outside my woods.  She was tall and round, unlike many that come through the swamps.  Usually they are so skinny, they are not worth eating let alone marrying.   No, this one was different.  Her laughter was what drew me.  She cackled like heron in mating season, it was a magnificent sound.