Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Author Update! June 2016


Hi Readers!

 I got really good news yesterday.  The chemotherapy has been so effective that the liver tumors have disappeared off of the Pet Scan. I might get to stop chemo for awhile just to see if they are really dead.  They want to go in and remove dead areas, but it would just be small clean up of residual lesions.  I also am done moving to where my oncologist lives.

The books continue to plod along.  Reviews are always welcome as I use them to promote.  I also have a publicist now.  Russ Matthynssens will be seeing to all public events, book signings and fairs. I am now well enough to schedule talking or signing appearances.  If you are interested in me coming to your area and you have a small coffee shop or bookstore that welcomes authors, you can give him a call.  509-470-8267 to reach him.  Please know that this number is for publicizing only.  He will not purchase products and services.  (peers at all the home business advertisers).   I have been having a great time the last two weeks.   I went to Georgia and Utah.

My brother is a long haul trucker and we met up.  It was important because I haven't seen him in a year.  I look a fright, but was not many days off chemo.  Stupid Cancer and stupid steroids.

.Marietta Diner -  As seen on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives

I want to thank all those that welcomed me to Conyers, GA, Layton and St. George, Utah. I had a really great time and being shown local sites when I am in the area was great.  I would not have seen the Grand Canyon, The island in the middle of the Salt Lake, or Mary Mac's and Five Points in GA.

What this means as I am now free to get back to writing.   I know many are chomping to get their hands on the final book.  I would remind everyone, Pseudo-Dragon took about six months just to write prior to editing.  It has been less than four months since it released.   I am typing as fast as I can. We did some concept art that I thought I would share with you.  I have been asked about Silverport and while this is not exact to my vision of the city, it is close.

Conceptual art for cover work by Derek Stevens.

I really appreciate everyone that has supported me through this cancer dilemma now going on two years.  You have inspired me to keep writing in the face of adversity.  I can't let cancer win, I have stories to tell and readers who want to hear or see them.