Thursday, December 19, 2013

Reistare - The Next of the Gods of Vesta

Reistare is the God of Nature.  She is revered by farmers and those dependent on growth and a good harvest.  Mate of Rian, the two work together to insure that the people of Vesta have what they need to sustain life.  She is often celebrated in the Spring when the first signs of blossoms form.
Reistare was the last to make a dragon type to represent her in the mortal world.  Her indecision is clear in the shy nature of this dragon.  It often stays burrowed deep in the forests.  They are rarely seen unless a hunter blunders upon their den. They tend to hunt at night and prefer to eat fish.  Their breath weapons is a corrosive gas.  It is weak in nature but if  not immediately washed off, tends to rend armor useless and unrepairable after an hour or so.  It burns on exposed flesh.  Green dragons often use their weapon to blind their attacker and leave.  However, they are champions of the weak.  They will overcome their reclusive nature to right a wrong once it is perceived. Once angered they are firm, focused and powerful.

Followers of Reistare tend to revere nature in all its forms.  They tend to be excellent problem solvers. They can read nature well as they mature.  They looks at obstacles as problems to overcome. They are innovative and often find new and better ways to achieve goals. Like their Goddess and the dragons she created, they will go to great lengths to correct a wrong.