Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Krona the Destroyer

Krona is the God of Fire, Destruction and Rebirth.  One of the Gods of Vesta, he is the most feared by the majority of the populace.  Wild fires are seen as Krona's handiwork to punish those that have erred.   However, with destruction also comes rebirth.  Typical of wildfires, often the areas affected become more fertile and life recovers quickly.  

Krona is said to have given birth the red dragons of Vesta.  He is fabled to have gifted them with fire and other skills to bring forth his vengeance as well as to inspire the people to passion and beauty.  

Followers of Krona aspire to be full of energy, assertiveness and a passion for life.  Like fire, they often brighten those about them.  When angered, their judgement is swift and often their passions are known to consume them.  They often are leaders in groups and have vibrant personalities.  It is rare to find a shy follower of Krona as they often lulled away by quieter gods and rituals.