Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Some Updates From The Dragonsgeas Team

So many things to update so if this blog post is a bit of a ramble, well it is a New Year and I had many teenagers here last night.  Little sleep has been had.

We now have a facebook page and a twitter account.  Here are the current links for all things Dragonsgeas.
on twitter - balanceguide

Let see, other news. The launch of The Blue Dragon's Geas went well.  We are on Goodreads under my name: Cheryl Matthynssens and will be doing a book giveaway until the 15th of January. This will be paperback copy and will be signed.

Becky is down to the last couple of pictures for our next Children's book, Not an Egg!. I would expect to see that out no later then the 15th of February, pending no emergencies.  As many of you know, a growing one year old can create a lot of distractions.

I am trying to talk Heather into doing the cover of book two of Blue Dragon's Geas: The Blackguard. Many have asked when will part two be out and I am thinking maybe September. I cannot quit my day job and write full time till I am averaging 900 downloads a month.  We have a ways to go for that yet.  If that happens, I can probably cut that down to June or sooner.

Other news in my life, I am expecting a new grand baby.   I do not feel old enough to be a grandmother.  My mind still revels in every little new experience, sunset and the visions of books to yet write.