Saturday, January 25, 2014

Outcast Questions - Answers with Fun!

I have started getting questions from my novel, Outcast.  Rather than answer them individually, I decided on a more fun route that will also allow me to promote the book.   I will from time to time, use Twitter feed to give a running dialog that will both answer the question and share more of the world of best.    The first question that I have answered this way was, "Why did Keensight attack Smallbrook?"

To find that answer, look for today's date, January 15, 2014 under my profile for Twitter.  Dragons' Geas - @balanceguide.   You can also find it on the Dragons' Geas facebook page at: Dragons' Geas .

I have also been asked to share a picture of Keensight.  My illustrator's have not yet submitted me a rendering so that will have to wait.  However, for a general idea, I found this picture on deviant art. Awesome artist and is close to Keensight as envisioned.  Elder Serpent