Thursday, January 30, 2014

Waking a Dragon!

My fascination with dragons, dragon books, dragon myths is never sated.  I have spent many an hour with movies and books portraying their mighty stories.  My favorites are still Eragon (Inheritance, Book 1) and Dragonheart .

When I built Vesta, I wanted a different type of dragon.  I did not want just the typical intelligent beast that was hunted by the brave Sir Knight.  I wanted dragons that had the capacity to interact with the mortal world if they chose. I wanted them to have emotions and their own code of conduct.

Now, as I sit back having given birth to the first book, I watch the reviews rolling in.  So far, (knocks on wood) there have been no bad reviews.  Most all my reviews are five star with a lesser number of four stars.  It is like taking your baby out for the first time with fear and concern yet wanting people to see it.

There is more to Vesta's dragons then meets the eyes.   The biggest challenge I have found is to let the dragons be capable of shape shifting and walking among the people of the isle.  Who is mage and who is dragon?  How can you tell?  I will let the reader figure that out.  In the meantime, I continue to devour all things dragon!  The Blackguard, book two of The Blue Dragons Geas series, is progressing well and is about half way through first draft.

My goal this year, to work on publicity hard enough that by this time next year, I can stay home and produce books at a faster rate. Working four eleven hour days makes writing on those days difficult as your brain is pretty wrung out by the time you make the commute home.  The coolest thing about having written and broke the ice with that first book?  My mind has not stopped writing ever since. Now if my fingers could find the time to get it all out of may head.

However, I truly want my blog readers to answer.

How do you wake a dragon and not get eaten?