Friday, January 24, 2014

The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of Magic!

“Why does there appear to be so little magic in the world these days? It is because people have stopped believing in it or lose touch with it as they grow up. It is because we have become so sophisticated and lost our ancient and natural roots. It is because religion, science and education have taught us that magic does not exist. That even supposing it does exist – which to many is far too big an 'if' – then it couldn't possibly work. Their self-fulfilling sophistry complete, they then turn round and say 'There you are you see, there is no magic in the world, just as we said.' And we and the world are all the poorer as a result of this. I mean, what are we left with? Santa, the Easter Bunny, Harry Potter and the Tooth Fairy.”
― H.M. Forester, Game of Aeons: A short novel

For a long time in history, man has refused to believe in what he could not prove.  Yet if what he could not prove occurred before his eyes,it was then a miracle or magic.  Do not lose faith in miracles or magic.  They surround us every day. The problem is, we have stopped looking.