Saturday, January 18, 2014

2nd Children's Book is Released

Artwork by Rebecca Hunt 

NOT an Egg! hits both Amazon print and Kindle Select!

Rebecca Hunt, one of the illustrators at Dragons' Geas, has outdone herself with this children's book. Her unique rendering of dragons insures that they are not frightening for a child's book.  The little dragon Seaferia shows emotion in her tears, her surprise and even her feeling of dejection.  This brings the tale to life in a way that words alone could have never achieved.  I am proud as the author to have had her at my side for this book and though she will blush when she reads this, I am not ashamed to shout it out to the world.

"Not an Egg!" is both a touching tale of a little dragon's reactions to a new baby but also is a great way for children to learn that what they are feeling is normal.  Research has shown that a child's personality will affect how they react to a new baby.  With this is how close the older child is to their mother, the closer the relationship to the mother the harder time they have.  This is why father's are encouraged to work in developing that relationship when a new baby is expected as it helps children transition when the mother's time is taken up by the needs of a new born.  

Preparing your child is another important step.  "Not an Egg!" has plenty of places to stop and discuss how your child is feeling.  Are they adamant it be a boy or a girl? My grandson was so adamant that his upcoming sibling be a boy that when I asked him, "what if its a girl?"; he answered.  "you can have it."    In addition to reading books such as "Not an Egg!", you should get out baby pictures of your child and talk about what it was like when he/she was a baby.

Most importantly, "Not an Egg!" is about dragons and that is our favorite topic here at Dragons' Geas.
We hope you will enjoy it as much as our own children and grandchildren did.  You can order it on our website at .