Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day Tribute to My Mom!

Mom and Bre
My Tribute to my Mom!

I do not remember the sleepless nights
I cried while mother held me tight.

I do not remember that first warm stare
when mother first held me warm and bare.

I do remember the things she taught
that right and wrong each have a cost.

The hours spent when I was sick
the warm milk toast she made so quick.

Hours sewing so I could fit in,
parties held when money was thin.

Volunteering when no one else
could think of anything but them-self.

And now I am grown with kids my own,
my mother's voice is in my tone.

I used to cringe when others say,
your like your mom, but not today.

There is chance that cancer bold
will take my life before I am old.

If this fate is mine to take,
I want to say thanks before too late.

My mother is not the perfect mom,
but for me she always has stood strong.

A mother's love overcomes it all.
The slight mistakes and cold death's thrall.

I could not be more proud to sing!
Thank you mom for everything.

Your loving daughter
Cheri Lynn