Monday, May 25, 2015

Author Update and Big Surprise

Good day!

So here is some good news with a mixture of not so good.  Let's get the the not so good out of thew way.  It turns out that they probably aren't going to be able to save my kidney damaged during the whole cancer surgery/chemo process.  They tried to jump start it with a tube to drain it but now it is just bleeding.  Not sure what the plan will be from here but most likely will pull the kidney.

I only mention this because it has impacted getting book four out.  I am definitely behind schedule now.  I am still trying to get it out this summer.

Now for the good news......

Here is the cover reveal of book four.  The Illustrator, Heather Scoggins, sent it to me to cheer me up in the hospital.  There may be a few final touches, as we move forward and put the wording on it. But.. here it is. Please go to the website and give Heather feedback.  For those interested, you can pick up a print of it. She does not leave them up for purchase for very long.