Friday, May 29, 2015

7th Annual NW Book Festival!

The 7th Northwest Book Festival, a yearly literary event where book lovers of all ages gather to meet authors, publishers, and others in the book industry. This year, with booths featuring over a hundred participants, you will find an abundant array of books for every age and taste. We are proud of the many independent publishers and self-published authors taking part in the event. Never before has the opportunity to express our thoughts and ideas and share them with others been so accessible. Visit every booth. Find out about author’s books and their journey. Perhaps you will leave with a few good reads and the motivation to write a story of your own. In partnership with Northwest Writers and Publishers Association, we work to keep the written word alive. NWPA is an organization for writers, publishers, and all people who are, or want to be a part of the effort to keep libraries open, bookstores selling books, and writers writing. Nothing makes us smile more than helping aspiring writers, publishers, editors, artists, and others, achieve their goals. Inside, you’ll find a layout of the booths and a listing of the authors and publishers. Enjoy the festival and keep reading!
 Veronica Esagui, Daniel Larsen, Genene Valleau, and Jean Sheldon 

Theresa and I are so excited - Mark your calendars, we will be there signing books.  Still hoping to bring book four with me!

We will be in booth #21, it is on a corner on way to restrooms and Starbucks!