Thursday, May 21, 2015

Glimpse into Pseudo-Dragon

Here is a sneak peak of some of what is to come for our beleaguered hero, Alador.

Of course, for outcomes, you will need to wait for the book to release this summer.

Excerpt- prior to editor's red ink - chapter 18

The Alpha's Mermaid
by MelissaMontgomery4

 An eel swam up to him, and Alador reached out slowly. He was surprised to see that the creature was so friendly. Even more so, the eel allowed him to pet it and soon after was swirling around his body. Other types of fish soon surrounded him, and he gurgled with delight as more and more of them gathered.  Then as if one body, they turned to his left then all of them fled.  
   Warily, Alador turned to face what ever predator had brought such fear from the marine creatures.  Instead, all he saw was a murky ink blot of water making its way slowly to him.  It drove fear into him as he stared at it and he turned to flee for the shore.  He was not as fluid in the water as what ever came for him.  Alador would turn only to find it in front of him again.  Feeling trapped he headed straight for the surface, breaking the top of the water and looking about frantically.  There was a rock nearby so he swam for it hoping that getting out of the water would be safer than being enveloped in what ever it was that the fish had feared.  
   He scrambled up onto the rock and stared down as the black water surrounded the rock slowly.  He nearly fell back into its clutches when a melodious voice spoke from behind him.
   “Do not fear, it will not harm you unless I bid it.”  
   Alador took a breath and slowly turned.  Water pooled around him as he stood dripping on the safety of the stone.  There stretched out on the other side of the rock where it was somewhat flat was a mermaid.  He had heard stories of mermaids.  Sirens that could sing a man to his death beneath the watery waves.  This one looked oddly familiar to him.  Her skin was pale and her hair, long and flowing ebony and threaded with red strands, did nothing to hide her upper body’s naked form.  
   “Who are you?” he asked slowly.