Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Touch of Lies

A Poem About Addiction

Such a subtle mistress,
so gentle in her gliding touch.
Her hands move over my body,
my mind, my heart, my soul.

Her glance incites my racing heart,
her tongue soothes the ravages within,
twisting, turning, tendrils of suggestion
worm their way throughout the whole.

Such a subtle mistress bending my
thoughts, my vision to her ways. I look
within the mirror and no longer see
the being I once was, but now her creation.

My words are not my own, they spill from
my mouth as if pulled by teasing lips. Even
words to myself are tinged with her gentle
caress till there is no life satiation.

Once within her power, that gentle touch
turns harsh. Her grasp upon my heart,
wrenches in pain as I seek to find that elusive
truth within that she has hidden from me.

Every attempt to break free of the tendrils of
lies, brings only pain and shame and I recoil much
more comforted by her tender embrace. But to
live here, is an illusion that I look in the mirror and see.

The darkness within is so sublime, so complete that
the illusions suckles the very life from my soul. Happiness
eludes me and she whispers in my ear that is never mine to
have. I rage against the shackles of silken lies that binds all.

And so it is within, that the subtle touch of a lie
not told to others but within, steals my very life breath.
Darkness so complete that it's embrace is no longer warmth
but a cold soulless night where tears do not even break its pall.