Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Glossary for The Blue Dragon's Geas


I have been asked to provide a Glossary for my novel series - The Blue Dragon's Geas.
Since I am about to publish book 3, I took the time to put it in the back and will post it here for all those currently in book 1 or 2.

Blackguard – an elite army of half-Daezun and half-Lerdenian who have shown the capacity for spellcasting. First school of mages established on the isle.

Bloodstone – A magically embed stone created from the magic and the blood of a dragon. These combine into a hard substance that can be drained or used for item enhancements.

Bloodmining - The practice of feeding a chained dragon to full health then cutting it so that its magical powers and blood meld into the ground.  The mixture is harvested and planted into dirt in a nearby mine to congeal into bloodstones. Process takes a minimum of one year.

Circle - In an attempt to control birthing and population, Daezun use this ritual for coming of age, reproduction and celebration of high summer.

Daezun – A shorter stocky race proficient at mining and other trades involving the use of hands.
Daezun cannot cast spells. They revere the dragons and the Gods.

Geas - an obligation or prohibition magically imposed on a person. In this case, the geas was established to whoever harvested Renamaum's bloodstone.

Korpen - Korpen had originally been slow moving pests that traveled in herds and are now domesticated for farm use. Their massive heads had double, vertically-oriented horns. The upper horn curved forward from behind the head, while the lower emerged from the head itself. As a protection from predators such as dragons, the spikes along their backs were almost impenetrable. That was useful to the miners as well: korpen were strong and a great amount of weight could be attached to each spike.

Lerdenians – Lithe and lean, many have white hair due to magical drain. Most Lerdenian's are capable of some spellcasting.

Lexital - These unique flying creatures had a strange curved beak with what seemed to be like the sail of a boat rising above both beak and eyes. Their neck was long and serpentine, moving side to side as they steered through the sky. Their eyes were red and rimmed in blue. Their wings were varying shades of blue with a ridge of red that seemed to arch out mid-feathers. There was a natural dip in this neck right before the body that could carry the rider.

Medure - Medure was a hard metal that glistened with flecks of blue; it was difficult to find and harder to work. Used as currency in rectangle pieces.

Panzet – Large birds with long legs, prized for their long purple feathers. Often used in comparison for those who have a focus on appearance but lack intelligence.

Prang - A local herbivore, their white and brown coats made it easy for them to blend in with the dead foliage of the cold winter months. An adult prang could weigh up to two hundred and fifty stones – too large for individual families. A prang’s upswept and back-curving horns could be used in medicine for headaches and eyesight.

Slips - Another name for medure that has been formed into currency. These are small rectangles of the medal with a small hole in one end so that they can be strung into strings of one hundred.

Trading Tokens – Smaller form of currency for day to day items. There are fifty trading token in a single slip.

Trench - A below ground level area carved out with a central canal that takes the city sewage out to sea. Many denizens of Lerdenian cities that do not have spell casting abilities are forced to live there in abject poverty.

Turn – How the denizens of Vesta measure time. A turn is approximately eight earth months and is measured from winter to summer solstice.