Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Teaser from the soon to be released book - The Bloodmines

  Here is a short excerpt from the soon to be released Bloodmines.  There was a problem in edit that slowed down the release but it will still be out before the end of the year.  Still shooting for before Christmas, but to be honest it may not make it.

   Alador took a measured breath and continued to speak slowly.  “I am as much Lerdenian as I am a Daezun and I am a Guldalian.  I cannot trust my father and wish no further association with him other than as necessary. It is time that I accepted my circumstances.” Alador took a deep breath. “If you don’t mind, please get out of my head. It is taking everything I have not to lash back at the intrusion.” Alador had been careful to make sure every word was truth.

     Luthian looked a bit taken aback and sat back.  He released the spell of seeking and eyed his nephew.  “And if I asked you to cast the storm spell in Daezun lands?”

     Alador knew this was what Luthian wanted most and chose his answer carefully.  “If I felt it was for the greater good of the people in the long run, I would cast your spell.”  His soft answer held an edge of doubt.

     “Are you sure?” Luthian pressed.

     “I would have only one request.  I would make it as your nephew and not a member of your guardsmen.” Alador’s eyes dropped in deference.

     “Curious.  What would that be?” Luthian sounded genuinely surprised.

     “I would ask that you not make me cast it in a way that would harm Smallbrook.  Despite my casting out by the elder council, my siblings and my mother still reside there.  They did not reject me and I wish no harm to them.” Alador knew he was daring to show a bit of weakness, but he had hope that Luthian would grasp it as a way to manipulate and manage his nephew.

     “And if I agree to this, that never will I ask you to harm your family you were raised with, then what?” Luthian’s tone held a triumphant edge.

     Alador bowed low as he spoke, both arms out wide, palms towards Luthian. “Then I am ever your servant to command.”