Sunday, April 6, 2014

Top Ten Dragon Quotes by Brian Rathbone That Make Me Smile!

#10: Never put on Sir Mix-A-Lot when a dragon bends down to drink.

 #9:   Good dragons make for good neighbors.

 #8:   I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a dragon today.

 #7:   A single finger emerges from beneath a sitting dragon and tweets: Hi!

 #6:   How to house train your dragon: Step 1 - Lower your expectations.

 #5:   It's my fault, really. I took the dragons to McDonalds, and now they have french fry cravings. It's not pretty. Arches everywhere.

 #4:   Dragons find that catching prey amid certain kinds of trees results in a nice, smokey flavor.

 #3:   Chase your dreams like there's a dragon chasing you and your dreams are heading in the same direction.

 #2:   Today got away from me. I think a dragon ate it.

 And at #1 - My all time new favorite!!

 Never play Rock, Paper, Scissors with a dragon. Turns out fire beats rock, paper and scissors.

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