Friday, April 4, 2014

Exciting Updates at Dragons' Geas Books!

All right, where to start.  Well as many of you know, Keensight found out that Farloft was being allowed on social meeting and refused to be outdone. It took some doing to create a headset for a large dragon but as many of you saw, he has now entered the scene.

All three books, that are out right now, are in production for audio books. They will be available on Amazon, Audible and iTunes. I am very excited.  So let me introduce two of the newest working with us at Dragons' Geas.

For the Children's books, may I introduce Valerie Gilbert.

Valerie is a native New Yorker.  In addition to narrating works for others, she has also written and produced her own works.  These include: Raving Violet and Memories, Dreams & Deflections: My Odyssey Through Emotional Indigestion (Raving Violet).  She has a great blog at:

As an audible approved producer, Valerie comes highly recommended.  She has recorded 24 ACX titles, done character work for stage and voiceovers for TV and film.  She also placed in the Moth storytelling competition.  We are looking forward to working with her.

For our adult work, Outcast, I would like to introduce Paul Woodson also from New York. Also an Actor , he has a penchant for travel, history, science fiction, and the outdoors.

Classically trained in Acting at Boston University, Paul has been a New York City actor, singer, musician, and self-taught audio technician for nearly 20 years, performing in everything from Shakespeare to Musical Theatre to Opera. He has always been a fan of classical literature, science fiction, travelogues, and many other styles of writing, perhaps rooted in his upbringing (his father Dennis Woodson was a Fulbright Scholar in English Lit. at Cambridge).

A personal achievement for Paul was the conception and performance of a staged version of Alfred, Lord Tennyson's MAUD as a 2-person drama using the full text of Tennyson's epic poem, in which Paul performed 95% of the text. 

We look forward to adding both of these wonderful narrators to our team and look forward to future endeavors with both of them.