Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Keensight's Reply to Farloft!

Please welcome Keensight. I finally managed to set up dragon speak for him... ironic that...since his talons are too big for my keyboard. I am allowing him to post on my blog in his first internet appearance.

Hello and Good Day Fine Humans and Fellow Dragons.

I have chosen to personally respond to my fellow dragon, Farloft, in his recent musings. 

Find his post at Farloft's Rhetoric.

As Cheri recently learned and placed into her novel, I first made a human friend when I had moved to eat him and he began to tell me the reasons I should not.  This swift thinking fellow started with how he would stick in my throat and went on to all manner of digestive issues that I might encounter. It was so amusing that I did not eat him and in his short life span, we were fast friends.     But I would challenge that humans are faithful.  It is an inclusive statement. Some humans are faithful such as Theresa or Cheri.  However, I have had others attempt to garner my friendship just to see my treasure bed and then I have found them stealing from it.  Not all humans are faithful. One must be discerning.

I would agree with the concept of formidable.  Cheri came to my cave at least forty times demanding my stories and tales and would not stop her caterwauling outside my cave until I gave in.  I will point out I did not eat her at first because I have never forgotten Henrick's complete description of what would befall me should I ingest a human.  I may bite but I never swallow. 

I would also agree with fleeting and fun.  Other than the fact she does not supply me goats as I have requested for my visits and continues to make me these weird dishes of leaves and plants, I have found having Cheri a great deal of fun.  But each time I blink, she moves on in her short life.  She was with child, then children and now she has grandchildren.  I do not threaten to eat them however.  I am fairly certain if I did, Cheri would EAT me! I do let them crawl upon me and tug my nostrils to see where the smoke comes from.

Let me make very clear my new friend, I will NEVER let her put a bonnet on me.  She may sit upon my back.  She may paint my wings with dots while I am sleeping, (she did this and called me her giant lady bug) but I will never wear a bonnet for her. Speaking of painting my wings.... that took weeks to get rid of. I had to hide for what self respecting dragon wears dots??

I challenge you to consider, that maybe fun is unique to the human and dragon.  And should you ever bring a bonnet... to tea or dinner... I assure you our words will not be this playful banter.  Our humans, though, they move through life so swift and frantic. I fear I will miss it.  Let us both keep them close lest we miss a moment of their wondrous creative lives.