Sunday, April 27, 2014

Book Two is Complete and Publishing. Book Three Already in Planning.

Book Two is coming out next week!
The Blackguard

And now Book Three is in planning!

Excerpt from
The Bloodmine
Book Three

            Alador’s lexital landed roughly beside his father’s.  The flight had been exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time.  Fortunately, the lexital was a gentle one and more inclined to follow its mate.  He had not had to have more than the few minutes of instruction.  Alador unbuckled the saddle harness and slipped shakily to the ground eyeing the great bird with amazement.  He held the reins in his hand petting the lexital as if thanking it for flying kindly.  
            “A bit unnerving the first time, as I said.” Henrick spoke softly.  He had learned not to startle Alador since his encounter with the Trench Lord.   He came around wide to make sure Alador could see him.
            “Yes, a bit.  However, I see why you like flying.  The view was indescribable.” Alador was still caressing the lexital’s head, the bird was happily letting him loosen shafts on her crest’s pin feathers.  
            Henrick smiled.  “I do love the feel of the wind on my face.  However, note that the higher you fly, the colder that wind.”  Henrick held his hand out for the reins. “Here, let me tether them.  They will not fly any closer to Keensight’s cave. The times I have tried, they have panicked every time.”
            Alador handed him the reins and stepped back from the bid.  “So we walk from here?” He looked about.  They were in Daezun land to judge by the terrain.  It was the familiar rock and scrub brush he knew so well.  To the east of him, hills rose up covered in rocks that seemed like the gods had just tossed them down randomly.  Some were larger than a dragon.
            Henrick was tying the two birds to a larger bush with a solid base. “You walk from here.” He stated glancing over at Alador.
            “You are not coming?”  Alador looked at him in surprise.  “You said you would take me to him.”
            “I have brought you to him.” Henrick gestured up at the hills rising up beside them.  “However, he said if I joined you at the cave he would finally eat me and this time I do not think he was playing.”  Henrick looked at Alador.  “You don’t have to do this.  We are only an hour’s flight south of Smallbrook.   We could fly up there and I could bring Mesiande to you and you can make things right.” Henrick offered.  “I am not sure you are well enough for this, son.”
            “I told you not to call me that.” Alador glared at him, his response snarled in an almost feral manner.
            “I am not going to stop calling you son just because you have some fool idea that I lied to you. I will say it one more time. I have never lied to you.”  Henrick sighed in defeat. “Maybe Keensight can knock some sense into that thick skull of yours.”
            “I know you used a spell on my mother.”  Alador’s accusation seemed to be solely centered around this one statement.
            “I have never said I didn’t.” Henrick stated.  “It doesn’t mean I don’t care for her or enjoy her company.  It doesn’t mean I don’t give a damn what happens to the result of that union.”  He glared back at Alador.  
            “It was a use of dark magic, a magic may I remind you, that you said was a violation of all the rules of magic.”  Alador glared at him.
            Henrick dropped his head in defeat. “I don’t want to fight with you when I may never see you again. Please. What is done is done. You exist because of that night.  You should be grateful.”
            “Grateful that I am the result of a dark magic used in violation of a sacred trust from the dragons themselves.  That might make the damn dragon eat me in itself.”   Alador looked up at the hill.  “Which way do I go?” He demanded.  
            “Alador, a spell of glamour is not changing the will of another. It merely makes one a little more appealing.  Your mother was free to choose as she wished. I did not compel her choice.”  Henrick’s tone implored Alador to understand.
            “As you said, what is done is done.  Which way do I go?”  Alador repeated the question not looking at Henrick.
            Henrick watched his son for a long moment before turning to get a pack off his own lexital.  “There is a path just across the stream near that large tree next to the cliff face.  It will take you up the hills and into a hidden valley.  Within that valley there is a stream.  Follow the stream to its head and you will see the cave.  The stream swells from the ground and out the door of Keensight’s cave.”  Henrick brought him the pack.  “It is about an hour’s hike to the valley.  Maybe another hour to the cave.”  
            Alador had been listening intently to Henrick’s instructions. He eyed the indicated tree as he took the pack.  “Will you be here when I am done?”
            Henrick nodded.  “I will wait here for three days. If you are not back by then, I will come looking.”
            Alador nodded and strode off, headed for the tree.  He was determined to speak to Keensight now more than ever.  He needed the dragon’s help and it was the only one that either he or Henrick knew how to find. He only hoped the dragon had not decided to take off for a couple of weeks.  As he moved to part the brush, to head out of the small clearing they had landed in, he heard his father call after him.
            May the gods be with you and for once, watch that tongue of yours.”  Henrick’s tone held true care and concern.
            Alador just smiled coldly as he moved on, not looking back.  He was done watching his tongue.  If those that crossed his path didn’t want to hear what he had to say, they had best not ask.