Sunday, July 26, 2015

When I needed it most!

It has been a disheartening weekend with the rain at the festival.  I came home to these two reviews on Goodreads.  I  want to send my heartfelt thanks out to Lorraine Carter and Simon for taking the time to write these out!  They really made my day.

Beautifully described landscapes and mysterious Dragon Lore; the warmth of genuine relationship and the wretched loneliness of being different. Cheryl Matthynessens captures it all writing, in this fantastical series of which Bloodmines is the latest release. She has the gift of being able to conjure for the reader a vast, vibrant canvas as well as embroidering the intricate details within it to create a genuinely enthralling story.

Simon rated it 5 of 5 stars
Fantasy should be overwhelmingly intriguing, transporting the reader to a different time and place and this is what happens with Bloodmines. You simply shut the door, start turning the pages and you find yourself in a completely different and brilliantly imagined world. Without a doubt my favourite fantasy novel of the year to date!