Sunday, July 26, 2015

Ups and Downs in the Life of a Writer

So... five hours of travel.... two hours of set up and awesomeness by Theresa Snyder ... to have it pour.  It rained on the 2015 NW Book Festival.  It hasn't rained in weeks and it chooses this day to break that trend.  The upside was that the set up was beautiful.  Theresa did an amazing job with the visuals for our booth.  We even had a board where you could take a picture with her dragon, Farloft.  But due to the rain, as you can see, there was little traffic.

Another upside for me was getting to spend a wonderful two days with my author friend.  We make a good pair as we are similiar enough to work together, but different enough to appeal to different readers.  But to be honest, the best is that Theresa Snyder and her entourage are genuinely delightful people to spend time with.

So thank you to all those that set up this fair, who stopped by our booth, and specifically to Theresa's team!

Since.. I ordered so many books.  I will be running an ebay sale of signed copies if anyone is interested.  I hope to have them all listed by 7/27/15.  Need to move this inventory before I go in for that kidney removal.  Thanks for all your support.  You are the reason I can keep smiling in the face of this year of continued challenge.