Monday, January 5, 2015

Readers and Fans - Vote for Book Four's Title

Well book three is out and I am already plotting out the chapters in book 4.  Loosely plotting - Alador and Keensight sometimes take off into a right field.  There has been great debate amongst my beta readers and my editors on the title for the next book.  One of my editors suggested I put it to reader vote.  I love this idea.  So, I am calling on all my Blue Dragon's Geas fans to help me vote on the book title for the fourth novel.

What should the title of the next Dragon's Geas book be?
Dragonish Deception
Perfidy - (deliberate breach of faith or trust)
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My only problem with the last two is there are numerous books out there with these two names.   I will give no other input.  Once you have read the first three books, please cast your vote.  I will go with the majority.  Voting closes on February 15th, 2015.
Thank you for all your support!

Cheryl Matthynssens
Author of the Blue Dragon's Geas series