Friday, January 9, 2015

Cancer - A Poem

Fight for a Life

A silent stalker moved in shadows,
My life it hoped to steal.
I did not know it followed close,
To me it was not real.

There came a day it took a stab,
It's presence fully shown.
It closed its grip around my life,
If I had only known.

It laughed in mocking evil,
As I began to gasp.
It's mocking tone was in my ear,
My life was fading fast.

A knight with scalpel and fierce thrust,
He beat the stalker back.

He stood between me and the beast,
My heart was beating fast.

Now armed with fierce armor,
My enemy I'm aware.
The stalker reigns in shadows,
He breaths in my despair.

I will not let this beast within,
sneak up on me again.
I feel its deathly gaze afar,
It dances on my skin.

If ever you see me falter,
Or see my armor thin.
Remind me that there is a way,
This battle I can win!