Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Stars Will Fall

The stars will fall
The stars will fall
The stars will Fall..

I dont know how this all will end
but when it does we will not mend
We will be broken and scattered
All we love will be shattered

I believe that it will come soon
Over the horizon like the moon
The dream is over and destroyed
All of us have been toyed

We have fought and we believed
We forgot about human greed
The symbol of freedom fell from the sky
Never again will it fly.

Blood we shed was for naught
For freedoms love cannot be taught
Our doom will come from within
Not from nations of other men

Every right stripped away
To keep us safe or so they say
Our own decisions not enough
Life it is way to rough

They know best so we should listen
There silver tounges oh how they glisten
Money rules not the flag
As they turn it into a rag

This nation is dead deep inside
All that is left is to hide
They will come so you can't fight
They believe its not your right

I will not trust in their greed
I have a family I must feed.
When its time and the stars fall
I will fight for us all.

Robert W. Abbott