Sunday, November 16, 2014

Preview From Bloodmines!

Please note, this teaser is unedited and may change in final copy!

     “By the gods, what have I done to earn that look?” Henrick asked, his eyes narrowed as he assessed his son.

     “Where do I start? Let’s start with the fact you brought Mesiande here which puts her at risk for Luthian finding out. Let’s add to that, you knew about Luthian’s breeding program and were an active participant in it.” Alador’s pain began to fuel his accusations. He pulled Mesiande closer bringing a gasp of surprise from her. “Let’s keep adding to that. You are out in Daezun lands on Luthian’s bidding and are as much a spy as you are a lying conniving bastard. Lastly, you used magic on my mother to ensure you were chosen in the circle.” Alador’s last bitter accusation snapped out. “How many siblings do I really have, Father?”

     Sordith’s gaze snapped to Henrick at the last question. Genuine interest written on his face as he stepped sideways away from Henrick.

     Henrick’s mouth had dropped open and his face had paled as Alador bit out each accusation. When Alador stopped, he stepped forward. “Son…” he began.

     “Don’t ever call me that again,” Alador hissed.

     Henrick put both hands out to his side in a placating manner. “You have been listening to Luthian. You know how he twists things.”

 “Deny one of them," Alador challenged.  "Deny you were sent by your brother. Deny you knew of his breeding program.” He counted them out on his fingers. “I dare you to deny that you used magic the night I was conceived.” He met his father’s horrified gaze. Alador’s face was red with his anger and it only fueled the pain in his skull.

     Henrick’s mouth opened and closed like a fish. He searched Alador’s face. “There is more to all of this than you know…”

     Alador cut him off. “I knew you couldn’t deny it.” He forced himself to sit up, drawing Mesiande behind him as best he could. “I will ask one last time, how many siblings do I have?

     Henrick’s hands fell to his side in defeat. “I don’t know,” he admitted softly.

     “Get out! I don’t want to see you ever again.” Alador’s eyes darkened as he fought back the cold rage he could feel threatening to consume him.

     Henrick stared at him for a long moment then turned on his heel to stride out of the room. He slammed the door behind him so hard that some of the soot on the opposite wall drifted to the ground.