Thursday, November 13, 2014

Author Update

I have really loved interacting with those of you who write me or post on the blog.  I find it a complete joy that others are enjoying the world I created and the story within it.  I know many are anxiously waiting for Bloodmines and I am making progress on it.  I hope to complete it during the November writing challenge and my editing team is hot on my heels ripping apart each chapter.  The goal is to try to have it out before Christmas.

I had hoped to get more feedback on Magic Scorned but I think many don't want to publically post their opinions of a book with erotic content.  I may not continue that series if I do not hear more.  It was fun to write and I enjoyed the journey with Jaxon and Cassie.  I am still working on a paperback version of this kindle story.

I recently released a third children's book called Once Upon a...Wait!  It is based on my daughter when she was young.  There were always at least "two" waits at story time. I am really proud of Rebecca's growth in illustrations and she continues to create dragons that are not scary to small children.  

The website launched and is doing very well.  There are more stories on that blog along with contests and other such items.  I found the tasteful article on dragon mating very helpful. The black bar on the side is a menu bar.  Some have missed that.  

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Once Upon a...Wait by Cheryl Matthynssens

Once Upon a...Wait

by Cheryl Matthynssens

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Currently, I am offering a signed giveaway of the new children's book to get some basic reviews and to promote an adorable book.  

Thank you to everyone that has encouraged me to keep writing.  I am loving every minute of it and have realized this is what I have always wanted to do.   Remember, independent writers have no publicity office behind the scene.  You can help these writers by: continue to write to them, post reviews and tell others about them.  It helps them to stay motivated to write.  I have read more than one independent writer whose work I would have never looked at if a friend or another author hadn't pointed them out.