Saturday, August 2, 2014

Update - Surgery

Just wanted to update my loyal readers, I made it through surgery. Was a rough go of it for a couple days as there were complications but if all goes well, I get to go home today.  They still have me drugged enough that writing has been just out of reach. I am encouraged however, in that I am writing to you all right now.

My granddaughter, Breanna Skye, was born while I was here and so I got to hold her. I look more like I had her but it was a special moment given the uncertainty of my prognosis at this time.  I will not find out what stage of Cancer I have had removed until the labs come back. I will let you all know the outcomes when I have them.

Look, brave enough to show horrible hospital picture.  But.. she was to precious not to show

I will let you know when I am home.  Oh, The Society of Enlightened Dragonologists launched while I was out cold.  It is at  Also, Blackguard came out in Audio form.  Again, while I was out so I have had no opportunities to promote it. 

Talk to you all soon. 
Cheri Lynn