Thursday, August 21, 2014

Transitioning to Life as a Writer

It is amazing, one year ago I had not yet attempted to publish Outcast though I was talking about it given that my first children's book was well received.  Now, almost ten months later, I have given notice to become a full time writer and stop working as a counselor.  This blip in the road with my health has been scary but not a stop to my transition.  My last day at work will still be October 2nd.

In the meantime, though there is a clamor for Bloodmines, I am working on a more adult series that will be shorter novelettes for a Chronicles series.  I needed to step away from Alador for a bit having put two novels out for him in six months.  My goal is to still have Bloodmines out around the end of the year though this health may put that off a bit. I will still have three out in a year. Not bad considering I have been working a full time career.

Things I have learned this year:
1.  Pay for a proofreader - no matter how many times I read my own work, the error blend into the story and I can't see them. Biggest negative comment I have is on grammar and punctuation despite my knowledge in this area.

2.  I have a homophone disorder when I am most creative.  When the words are flying, my fingers grab the first spelling no matter the context. Example: Ensure vs Insure

3.  The more I write, the more story is in my head to write.  Even laying in the hospital bed, unable to put words to the page due to narcotics.  ( discovered words on page with narcotics leave out whole clauses) I was till writing the next scene the next chapter in my head.  Now I just have to get home and finish this novelette. It is written, just not on the screen.

4.  That no matter the story, I will not have a consensus on my writing.  I have feedback on how wonderful my in-depth and character build is and negative feedback that not enough is happening.  I have feedback that the first book was to whimsical and not enough depth to the plot and feedback that the second was two dark.  So, what I have learned from this, write MY story. Some will like it and some will not and that is okay.

5.  I have learned how to publicize as an independent author and keep my novels in the top 100.

6.  I have learned that the author community of independent writers is highly supportive and there for you on good days and on bad.

7.  I have learned Cancer will not define me or my world.

8.  Most importantly, I have learned that fantasy is the realm in which my dreams will and do come true.  Whether it is in the writing, the outcomes or the pages themselves, fantasy is my path to happiness.

Thank you to everyone that reads and follows me. Your support during this difficult time has been more helpful than any of you probably realize.

Cheri Matthynssens
aka the balanceguide aka Dragon's Geas