Sunday, August 24, 2014

My Post on Red Dragons

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Red Dragon

Known Length– up to 88 feet
Known Weight – up to 165,000 pounds
Known Wing Span – up to 100 feet
Most Common Breath Weapon – Fire
Favorite Treasure – Anything of monetary value.  Unlike some dragons that are entranced by sparkling items, red dragons have a keen eye for things of worth.  Everything in their horde is their favorite, if a red dragon gifts from his horde, you have been extremely honored.
Habitat – Prefers caves in and around volcanoes but any mountain cave will do.
Favorite Food – Absolutely anything edible, though there have been rumor of a preference for young maidens, this has not been substantiated.  They are greedy and often consume more than they require.
Enemies – Known to be aggressive with all other dragons except white which they consider not worth their time or effort. This of course, depends upon the personality of the red dragon itself.  They are most often arrogant and see all others as inferior to themselves.  They have a distinct dislike for Silver Dragons.
Magical Skill – Proficient at magic
Parenting – The younger of the pair will stay close to the eggs and keep the nest burning.

Aggressiveness – Highly territorial in all regards. Red Dragons are fast in flight but somewhat clumsy so prefer to battle on the ground as other dragons can often out-maneuver them.   Their preferred order of attack is breath weapon first, which usually ends most conflicts before they start.  If this fails, they use their massive bodies and then and only then magic.   While proficient, there are other flights with better magical skills.  If the enemy has treasure they want, they will start with an on ground physical attack in hopes of not damaging items they are attempting to acquire.  Due to their arrogance, a red dragon will fight to the death more than any other flight once first blood is drawn;  even when they have the option of escape.  To be defeated and run is not acceptable to a red dragon.

Intelligence – Highly intelligent, calculating and patient.  Due to this extraordinary patience, red dragons often strike when their foes are completely complacent and believe all danger is past.  They often make up situations and plan attacks which they can grab in sudden conflict.  This makes them appear highly battle efficient when in truth they have probably played their tactic through many times in imaginary situations.   They are exceptional liars often believing their own fabrications of their greatness.