Sunday, March 16, 2014

Outcast in Countdown!

To celebrate the release of The Blackguard which is now in the major edit portion of the publishing process, we are releasing Outcast for .99 cents for the next 36 hours in the USA.  There is not an option for Canada or Australia, two other countries that offer me this great support but I will see about dropping their prices manually for the next three days as well.

The United Kingdom will go into Countdown on April 2, 2014.  This will run a bit longer over there but again, will celebrate the release of the second book.    So if your friend has not bought it yet and you are a follower of my blogs, tell them to hold off till April 2, 2014.   Many have said the book is overpriced in the UK but unfortunately, that is the price you have to list it at for at least two weeks prior to and two weeks after a countdown.

I thank everyone that has supported me through this process.  My fan base has been growing exponentially and everyone has been supportive.  My editors have told me that book two does not disappoint but ultimately, this is for the opinion of the reader.

Alador's story is one I have to tell.  It is weird. I used to hear other writers say that and not know what that meant.  But once you bring a character to so much depth and life, they take on a life of their own.  There has been twice when my fingers have been flying over the keyboard that when I reread what I wrote, I was like how did he get himself into this situation. Well, ultimately, I put him there.   It takes another writer to know that in some ways, Alador put himself there.   It is a strange feeling of knowing your character has a mind of its own.  One such scene is when he decides to get a look of bloodmine stones versus natural bloodstones.   Even his father was like, don't start a ruckus.  But its Alador, he seems to leave a trail of "ruckus' in his wake.  

I promised no spoilers so I will hold to that. I hope you all enjoy book two and for those who have not read Outcast yet, pick it up for e-reading in the next three days.  It won't come back down for at least another 3-6 months.   Have a balanced day and may your dragons ever be gentle.