Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Just When I Begin to Falter...

It has been a rough week for writing.  Editing is far from my favorite thing; I would much rather be working on the next big scene.  Add to this, the fact I have the creeping crud that has hung on for two weeks.  My doctor's advice: Emergence C and chicken soup. Thanks Doc!

 I had submitted Outcast to the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest but apparently I am not good at writing a pitch and the first round was judged completely on the pitch.  It didn't make the cut.

Then, Amazon launches my .99 cent countdown which I was doing to help prepare my readers for the upcoming release of Blackguard and Amazon totally broke the thumbnail on every country's website.  I quickly wrote to them to fix it but they didn't. You can only do countdown once a quarter and I did mine with a broken thumbnail.  As you can see, this is a recipe for the blahs.

So in the midst of virus fed disappointment and editing blahs, I get the most delightful email on a conversation thread I have for Outcast on Amazon.  I have reposted it below and I hope Barry does not mind.  I wanted him to know how such a kind word to a struggling writer can come at the most perfect of times.  I finished reading and writing back to him with a great smile on my face.  My heart is lighter and I am a bit more determined to get that polish on the sequel.

While we as writers only know a small percentage of the smiles we bring to our readers,  know that every kind comment from a reader brings a smile to the writer.  Thank you Barry for a kind word when I needed it most.

Barry B says:
Can not wait for the sequel. I spend a lot of time reading fantasy books in fact it is said that if you study something for 10000 hrs you are an expert, if that is true I would be an expert fantasy reader with the amount of fantasy books ive read. at times I get bored with the same old type of story and consider stoping for a while if a lot of the books ive read for a while have only been ok, but then I find a gem or in your case a bloodstone and my faith is renewed. so I hurry online to see if there are more and am crushed that there is not but then delighted that there is more coming. please keep churning them out the best ive read in a few months at least thank you.