Sunday, March 2, 2014

My First Book Signing! Will be March 22, 2014 in Washington State.

A local bookstore invited me to do my first book signing.  I am so excited.  I have promised my friends around the country that if they can find a coffee shop or a bookstore willing, I would come do a book signing and visit.  

Ran into a bit of a barrier there.  My illustrator wanted me to come back to Minnesota to do some signings there; because I am an independent author through Createspace, many are turning her down.  So for those of you who are using a similar type of publisher for your work, this is how I and the local bookstore got around that.   I ordered a quantity of each book in advance and I am just going to give her a percentage.  We agreed on 30 percent.  She wins.  I win.  But most importantly, I am doing my first book signing! *Dances*  

So for my fans and friends around the country, I will gladly come visit if you set up a book signing.  I even offer kick backs!  As you can see, if I know where and when, I can bring the books!  Below is my first book signing poster!  I am so excited to share my journey with all of you.  Today, as I write this, I am still in the top 100 in at least one category in three different countries.  You are all wonderful!  Without all of you, my dreams would not be coming true.  Without the reader, there is no use for a writer!

If  you are in Washington State, I would love to meet you on the 22nd.  Look forward to many smiles, handshakes and hugs!