Friday, January 27, 2017

If I Told You, Would You Listen

by Cheryl Matthynssens — This is saved here for the book I am writing after finale is completed.

If I told you would you listen? 
If our eyes met would you turn and walk away?
Would you pretend you didn't hear me?
Would you forget that we were friends until that day 

If I told you would you listen? 
I just pretend to be so strong. 
I can't really be the center, the pillar, 
the one you counted on. 

You ask me how to help?
Do you really want to know?
Is this politeness I am seeing?
Is your offer just for show?

I need my son to take my place,
My daughter to take his hand.
They have to help the others, 
For I no longer can.

Don't tell me what you learned from me,
Show me how in what you do.
Don't tell me I can beat this, 
Only God knows my time is through.

Don't tell me that I got this,
Even the oak tree bows low
The parasite seeks its roots
Though the tree will never show.

If I told you would you listen?
I am scared each and every day.
I hurt almost every minute
These words are what I'd say.

I am not afraid to die, 
my life has been well lived
I have no yearning dreams to miss
My goals are now short-lived.

Yet fear you ask, you said its daily show?
If dying doesn't scare you then what fear plagues you so?
I fear the addict not yet saved, the lessons not yet taught,
I fear the pain of family when last my breath is naught.

If I told you would you listen?
There is nothing here to fear?
Each day is precious and fulfilled
And days turn into years.

If I told you, would you listen?
What would I have you do?
Sit down and make this list
Every day for it pursue.

1. Get up each morning with a list of things your grateful for, read it through and fully before you leave your door.
2.  When people talk then listen, don't think just what to say.  It will make you smart and interesting, as you go your separate way.
3.  Pay forward every kindness, even just a smile.  These vibes they are important, it only takes a while.
4. Live your day its fullest, don't linger through its flight.  Is it needed? Is it just? Is it doing what is right?
5.  Before your day has ended, lay out your plan tomorrow.  Say forgiveness where its needed, let go of every sorrow.

I told you did you listen?
Or will you heart the words away.
Will it bring a tear but not a change
Do you now know what to say?

If you do those tasks with open heart and mind,
you need not fear my loss for I will walk your every mile.
My memory will live in every deed, immortal for all time, 
For every kindness given, I live for just awhile.

I told you... did you listen?