Sunday, January 29, 2017

Anxiety of Readers Waiting for Fallen Tiers

Hi all,
So... where is Fallen Tiers?  I know it is my most asked question.  It has been a hard year in my cancer fight.  However, it will be going out July 1, major edits have been required do to chemo brain and the length before it is going to be available.  Chemo and creativity don’t mix.  While I know the story’s frame, those intricate details are what makes the story really flow.  It will be up for presale as soon as I get the cover.

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I looked over my blog and was appalled at how little I had managed in 365 days.  So something needed to be done.  I got a hold of Theresa Snyder, author of the famous Farloft the Dragon, and arranged for a writer’s weekend.  I knew I needed to share some of the burdens I was facing as a writer and then make a plan so that 2017 did not go the same way.

So, here are my 2017 year goals.  I will revisit them next January and see how I did.  If I quit posting for a complete month, you can assume I failed at #1.

1.  Continue to fight stage 4 cancer, currently metastasized to my lung.  So in other words, live through 2017.
2. Publish the anthology of Reader Challenge short stories and Fallen Tiers
3.  Create a fairy book so that I can attend faire world with it.
4.  Move all e-books to smashwords to increase reach.
5.  Use Award stickers as my books have all hit top 100 in their genre and a few to top 20 and 2 I know of have made the top 10.  Make top ten for Fallen Tiers

Before I close, I want you to know how grateful I am for every reader.  Today, I want to focus on Theresa Snyder.  We met on twitter and soon became friends.  We hang out now and then.  She made sure this weekend was safe, restful, and yet progressive.  If you ever have a chance to hang out with Theresa, you should.  However, be prepared for the unexpected such as being asked to take a picture of the bottom of her socks.  You can follow her into worlds you have never imagined both in her writing and win hanging out.  I cannot think of a better friend and peer in this area of my writing. You will find her at

This weekend she helped me establish goals, taught me new social media skills, helped me streamline my marketing so I couldn’t hang out behind social meeting rather than writing and much more.   I am going home refreshed, my commitment renewed, and my hopes focused upwards once more. Theresa, I can never thank you enough.  Our world would be so much better if more people had your heart and intelligence.