Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Cancer Fight, the True Mole in My Life!

Well here we are again!

Journal entry by Cheryl Matthynssens

I had hoped my days of needing to have an outlet and to write here were over.  My Oncologist told me today that it will never be "over".  He had hoped that I would have more time cancer free then four months, but it just wasn't to be.  My cancer is anchored throughout my body.  It does not appear it will go into remission.  The best hope I have now is to continue to play whack-a-mole with it.

Somewhat expecting this, my oncologist had been monitoring me closely so that the moment it reared its ugly head, we would attack it.  Right now, the tumors are small and they are in my lungs.  One lung has a fair sized nodule of about 1/2 inch and the other one looks like a piece of moss, weaving in and out air passages or the blood veins.  I couldn't tell which.  Because it is in both lungs, it is considered inoperable.  Now that it has shown up in multiple organs, it is unlikely I will achieve remission.

The best I can hope for now is more than four months before it rears its head again.  I will take those odds.  Each time I beat it down, I get more time to live life, love fully, and help people.  Well and of course, write.  I had let this totally derail my writing, but now that I know this is just going to be my life till my body can't take the chemo anymore, I am ready to move on.

To my family, I got this.  To my friends, thank you for sticking by me.  To CCI, thank you for giving me away to still give back to society.  And to my readers, I got you.  I have heard your cries for a final closing chapter.  I am going to be finishing that, meanwhile, an editor will be working on relaunching the first four into two so that it can be sold from here on as a triology.  I want to thank you for your patience and wish you to know that I have never lost sight of you.  You filled two years of cancer fight with moments of 5 star reviews, personal contact, and book signings.

See you at the end of Fallen Tiers!


P.S.  If you know any groups that help cancer patients or authors will illnesses, please let me know.  I do have a caring bridge at: and a go fund page at: