Saturday, October 18, 2014

My Review of Robin Chamber's Book: Amazing Grace

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If you think this is a book just for children, you would be wrong!

Robin Chambers weaves together a magical tale in Amazing Grace: bridging reality, a soft tough of religious question, and the world of the Fae.  On the surface, it is a delightful tale guaranteed to catch the attention of any reader that enjoys the aspects of magic and growing up in a story.  Watching Gordon and Grace come together then following their adventures held my attention for five straight hours.

But there is a deeper level to this wonderful tale and series.  Robin skillfully embeds history and clear mastery of respected literature and poetry.  Even more subtle is a level of social commentary and the desire to spread three philosophical points of wisdom. If you are paying attention, these subtle, positive messages are discernible even in the more obnoxious knockers.  There is a clear understanding about the social impact of bullying.   His ability to interpret and share a child's fears and experiences growing up without preaching was a welcomed relief.

I think this author's work is worth far more than .99 cents.  However, I will continue to buy and read every one of these novels as they make me smile and they are well written.