Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Breath of Fresh Air in a Genre That has Become Formulated!!

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I bought this book to read on the airplane. I like to pick up novellas as I can finish them before I land and not be caught in that I want to read and can't trap. I was pleasantly surprised by this paranormal, coming of age story.

It has elements of sweetness in it along with the obvious angst of teenage dating and a first crush. At the same time, that story is woven into a new element of paranormal settings. The Realms was a unique take on settings in this genre and I absolutely loved it.

The main protagonist is believable in both wolf and human form. The rule of the vampires is exactly how I imagine life would be for humans if vampires ran the show.

Why this book is not higher on the rankings is beyond me. If you are looking for something new or an easy read, you should definitely check this novella out.