Monday, October 20, 2014

Calling All Who Have Read Outcast and The Blackguard!

I am currently working on The Bloodmines for the Blue Dragon's Geas series.  I really like to look for ideas outside my outline.  What would you like to see in book 3?  What are you hoping does or does not happen?  I welcome all ideas no matter how outside my box they may be.  If I choose your input to incorporate, I will send you a free audio of the The Bloodmines when it launches.

I really look forward to hearing from you.  It was due to reader input and feedback that The Blackguard was completely proofed by a different proof reader.  While I write for me, I also want to leave a story that will be enjoyed by most that pick it up.

Thank you for your patience.  I am doing the Nano challenge in November and that should finish the 3rd book in the series.

In the meantime, if you like erotic romances, I wrote a book called Magic Scorned.  It launches on Kindle on October 23rd.  It will be out in paperback soon after and I have it up for audition for audible.

On Pre-Order now!!

Currently available for pre-order, Magic Scorned brings together Jaxon of Granithm and Cassandra of Earth. This High Fantasy bridges the gap between Earth and a world where dragons exist.

Always a realist, Cassandra had little faith in what she could not see or could not be proven. When she mockingly casts a spell to prove magic did not exist, she finds herself far from where she stood moments before. 

Jaxon was one of the Stregori; those that cannot be touched by magic. He was tasked with finding men and women of magical ability and assigning them to be trained. His world is completely turned upside down when he crosses paths with Cassandra. He had never met a sorceress who denied she had the gift. 

The two come together in a sensual clash. Will Jaxon convince Cassandra that magic is real? Can Cassandra protect her heart and beliefs as the infuriating barbarian pushes her boundaries repeatedly?

I really look forward to all feedback whether a reader likes my work, or even if they dislike it.  I use this feedback to refine my writing where it is applicable.