Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Brand New World for the Author!

I have not written here for a bit.  I have been inundated with things in my job, home life and publicity. Even as I write, our County is on fire.  There were some concerns yesterday it was going to move north and with that would come the possibility of evacuating our wild farm.  It really puts in perspective what is really important to you when you know you are going to have to put an entire life into one truck.  I discovered that really, my laptop for writing, my phone for communicating, pictures and albums and a few mementos from the children's childhood were the only things I felt had to go into the truck.  Everything else, I can live without.

I do wish to put an end to a rumor that I have heard.  The fire was not started by Keensight or his kin. Lightening was responsible.  I do wish to set that straight.  Keensight would never put me in danger. I have total faith in this.

I have given notice at my job.  I will work 3/4 time through October 2nd and then will take the scary leap to full time writer.  I am excited, seeing a dream come true.  But I am also terrified as my well being and future will now be 100 percent relying on my own drive and creativity.   Knowing that you now have to treat something you love as a job does move it slightly but in the long run, my mind is writing all the time.  I just have to watch procrastination.  This will be a brand new course in my life; a brand new world if you will.

I have been asked when Bloodmines will be out.  I am shooting for mid to end December.  It is amazing to look back and realize I have put two novels out in ten months and will soon be putting out a third. If I meet the goal, It will be three in a little over a year.

Currently, I am working on listening to the proof for the audio of The Blackguard.  The kindle version continues to hold top 40 of Sword and Sorcery, it's predecessor - Outcast, holding in the top 20.  The Blue Dragon's Geas continues to be highly well received with a 96% approval rating between Amazon review and Goodreads.

I am also in the process of creating and launching the Society of Enlightened Dragonologists.  It will be a centralized location to find information on dragons, art of dragons and stories of intelligent dragons full of magic, life and wonder.   It will give those with a love for creative dragon art, rather written or artistic to support one another.  It will give those that love dragons a go to place for new art and stories.  It is an exciting project.   The website as of August 1, 2014 will be
Until then, we are gathering together at the following blog: