Sunday, May 18, 2014

Updates and Fun!

Okay, so much is happening so fast that I feel almost overwhelmed.  One year ago, no one knew my name.  As of today, over 1200 people have purchased some format of my writing this month alone and I am beginning to get messages in email, twitter and facebook.  For those that are coming here from the information in the back of my book, here is the easiest ways to reach me.
@balanceguide for twitter

Outcast is doing phenomenal as an audio book. Paul Woodson did an awesome job and I am begging him to take on The Blackguard.

You can hear his work at: Paul Woodson
There are samples for everything he has done.  Help me convince him to do book two.

The Blackguard hit the market with awesome reviews and sailed right to the top dragging Outcast back up there with it.  It was #12 this morning in Sword and Sorcery and #2 in Hot New fantasy releases.   I resend out thank yous to all that contributed in the beta read and editing process.  By the way, I am grounded again until book 3 is done. Thanks Dad!

A debate has started in comments and twitter as to which female Alador should end up with in the end.  I have comments and whispers for Keelee and playful threats that it had better be Mesiande.  Go ahead and weigh in here if you wish.  I have not gotten that far in my writing for the outcome to be concrete and I would be happy to take reader input.

What is coming: Well, many know I have taken the month off from writing. That has been hard to do as ideas keep popping up but I have been good and jotted them down.  House is cleaned back up. Family is glad to see my eyeballs.

This next week I will be going to Walla Walla, WA to speak to my granddaughter's class.  Then I will be traveling to Astoria to have Tea with a wonderful gardener and YA author, Theresa Snyder. Theresa is one of my favorite author's to hang out with on twitter.  She has a dragon familiar as I do.  Her's is Farloft.  He has a wonderful protective and kind heart and a teasing manner I just love in her books. Her books are the perfect mix for a young man just getting into avid reading.   With a young boy turned into a dragon by a selfish wizard, any reader can identify with the problems of such a transformation.  I mean, him just learning how to fly brought me a smile. You can find Theresa at: Theresa Snyder

After this collaborative tea of two indie writers taking their world by storm, I am headed to my mom and dad's to try to talk by dad out of putting me on restriction. The way I see it, he is always going to hold that out for the next book.  I do need to go outside for sunshine now and then. I will get to see my brother that weekend too.

When I get home, and only when I get home, will I start Bloodmine.  I know, I can hear the groans from here.  But I mapped the story and let it cook in my brain.  That is how I write. Though fingers are not on the keyboard, my brain is writing scenes and I am daydreaming them whenever I am not actively engaged in other things.

Thank you again to all those that have sent me messages, RT, and likes.   I would say that you are the reason I write but that would be only half true. The other reason is sanity, it is the only way to get that darn story out of my head.