Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Society of Enlightened Dragonologists Now Forming!

After a very long and tense meeting with Farloft and Keensight, Theresa Snyder and I have agreed to be co-founders of the Society of Enlightened Dragonologists.  This is to differentiate from the Society of Secret and Ancient Dragonologists in some very important matters.  

Having read many novels written by those who have promoted themselves as dragonologists, muses and authors of dragon stories, both dragons were highly agitated  The promotion of dragons as fire breathing greedy beasts without a single intelligent thought in their head has offended both ancient dragons.  While they take an entirely different stance on  how to deal with those that have affronted them the greatest, they did agree that a society needed to be established that supported dragons as wise and noble creatures.

I did bring up the fact to Keensight that his constant threats to eat people might support these various and negative opinions. But he very arrogantly reminded me that he has the brains to know who to eat and who not eat as well as when to eat and not eat.  Taking a barrage of sword wielding and bow shooting fighters head on was just a sign of beastial rage and not intelligent strategy.  It led to metal in the back of one's throat.  I will let Theresa explain, on her blog, Farloft's more soft spoken and logical viewpoints.

Keensight was adamant that Theresa and I work with authors that promote the intelligence of dragons whether they are medieval, modern or intergalactic.  In that spirit, keep your ears tuned, we will soon have a formal site, motto and other important components of a true and powerful not so secret... secret society.