Sunday, October 9, 2016

Interview with Zachary Michael

Recently, Pseudo-dragon released on audio book.  The narrator, Zachary Michael did an outstanding job on the piece.  Here is a little bit of behind the scenes with Zachary. You can here an audio sample Here:  Pseudo-Dragon
1. What made you decide to become an audiobook narrator? 
Honestly, it was being told enough times that I should "be on the radio" or "do voice acting" while working on the phone at my office job that I finally looked into it and pursued it!

2. What is the biggest challenge for you in the process? The most fun part?
At first it was coming up with unique character voices, now I have over 30 voices and it has become easier and fun!

3. Do you have help, or do you do all the editing work yourself? 
Originally, I edited all myself, now I have a few editors. 

4. Do you listen to audiobooks yourself? Who is your favorite narrator, besides yourself? 
Not a lot, but some of the big ones like Harry Potter, by Jim Dale, or Night Circus. He is definitely an inspiration!

5. Writers need to protect their creative spark in order to come up with new ideas, new characters, and new books. How do you protect and nurture your narration voice? 
I've used my voice heavily for so long, that I don't really have to worry about it much, aside from not going too crazy at a party and yelling a bunch so that my voice is gone the next morning. Otherwise, if I DON'T use it enough consistently, I have to warm it back up.

6. If you were able to narrate any book ever written, which one would be your first choice? 
Fight Club. One of my favorite stories in general and I think it would be immense fun!

7.  You recently did the audio book for Pseudo-Dragon.  What was your biggest challenge?  Is there a scene you particularly enjoyed creating?
The only challenge was that I wasn't the producer for the previous books in the series, but I was quickly able to get up to speed on the story! There were so many scenes that were a lot of fun in the book..... but I enjoyed the party Alador held the night of the attack on the mines.. it really included a little bit of everything!

8. Which actor/actress would you like to see playing the lead character from your most recent narration if it went that far?
hmmmmm...... this is hard to say since Alador is sort of a "young adult". First person that comes to mind that could possibly fit the role and could be entertaining would be Charlie Day, but he might be too comical. Elijah Wood might be a good, serious choice if we are going A-List.

9.  Do you have a special time to narrate, how is your day structured?
I do not have a specific time, I pretty much just do it when it feels right. 

10.  How long on average does it take you to narrate a book? We hear of a Finished hour, but what is your time that goes into one?
It's hard to give an average as each book is so different, some take more some take less. In general, 2-5 times the length of the "finished hours".